Communication to Customers

Details of Communication a Customer Can Expect When They Place an Order

The following is a detailed write-up of the Communication email you can expect to receive after you place an order.

1: Copy of Your Sales Order

Once you complete your order, a copy of the Sales Order is sent to the email you entered on your order. You should receive this copy within a few minutes after your order is completed and accepted. Optionally you might receive a product email to help you understand your product better. For example GPS, etc.

2: Thank You & Tips Email

TrueChrome sends out a short Email highlighting, how to contact us, an invitation to join our Parent Company's Trucker & RV forum, a Thank You and Tips to make your online purchase a better experience. Following is a copy of what is sent followed by a more detailed version.

***IMPORTANT CREDIT CARD INFORMATION*** We process our credit card through our parent company RoadTrucker Inc. Please be aware that the charge is for your TrueChrome order. This is applicable only if you used TrueChrome Secured Checkout. If you used PayPal Checkout, which is actually the safer way to order online, you should see PayPal charge on your statement.

This Email from TrueChrome has a 4 part purpose, so please read it and save it.

  1. A quick & easy way to contact True Chrome in case of a return or issue. Please Do Not Call. (Document the Issue in Writing with a brief description and include your Sales Order number in the Subject). At least 2 emails are sent to every customer shortly after they complete their order. If you do not receive these emails, check your spam folder. You also have the option to use the True Chrome "Contact Us Form".

  2. An Invitation to Express yourself and have a chance to WIN a 12 Volt Gift on our Parent Company's Trucker Forum.

  3. Thank you for your order.

  4. Tips to make your online purchase a better experience.

  5. If interested, each of the above are detailed below.

***IMPORTANT CREDIT CARD INFORMATION*** We process our credit card through our parent company RoadTrucker Inc. Please be aware that the charge is for your TrueChrome order. This is applicable only if you used TrueChrome Secured Checkout. If you used PayPal Checkout, which is actually the safer way to order online, you should see PayPal charge on your statement.

By the way, if you have a blog or website, we would appreciate if you would link back the product. Let us know and we will refund a part of your purchase price. You are also welcome to send us your comments on that product and we will post them as time permits.

Here are the details that we do not send to you in order to keep the Email short. If interested please read the following:

  • Contact TrueChrome

    Save this Email so you can very easily contact TrueChrome in case of any problem later on. Should you need an RA, you can just reply to this email. PLEASE KEEP YOUR SALES ORDER NUMBER IN THE SUBJECT. PLEASE DO NOT CALL. It is Important that you document the date of your issue in an Email.

  • You are Invited

    Sign-on to RoadTrucker's Trucking forum and post your thoughts, idea, opinions, and communicate with other truckers or RVer. You may win a 12 Volt Product.

  • Thank You for your order

    We wish to take a moment and thank you for your order. Thank You Sincerely. Our customers are important to us and because of you, we have been one of the leaders when it comes to Trucker and RV products, since 2011.

  • Tips for a better online experience (What you should know)

    TEST/CHECK your product Immediately (It is your responsibility)


    The warranty starts from the day you purchased it, unless the product was back-ordered, in which case it starts from the date of shipment. NOT the day you first opened it. If it is a gift, then open it up, test it thoroughly and pack it back up. Make sure you inspect it for damage. If the box looks like it was in a fight with the UPS conveyors, refuse to accept it or open it up while the UPS (or FedEx) guy is still there and check it for any damage. If it is left in ugly condition while you were out, call UPS (or FedEx) back and refuse it. If you plan to mount or install it someplace, test it before mounting or installing it.


    No Manufacturer wants to take back any item that is not in the original box and includes all accessories, including the manuals (if any). So DO NOT TOSS OUT YOUR BOX. And DO NOT DESTROY THE PACKING MATERIAL. Keep everything for at least 3 months or to the end of your warranty period. I know, I hate it too, but lets face it, they have a right to get back everything, if you want them to replace it. Toss the box in the back of a closet and forget about it until you need it or a few months have passed. Some manufacturers will refuse the Return if the original box and packing is NOT intact. On heavier items, open the box, fold back the lid and flip it over and lift the box off the item. This is a good way to keep from ripping the shred out of the packing material. Open the bottom of the box so that it will lay flat and you can store it under the bed, or just about anyplace out of the way.

    Returns 20% Restocking Fee (10% if you use PayPal) (25% Restocking Fee for Returns Sent to Our Office)

    DO NOT SEND RETURNS WITHOUT AN RA#. They could be rejected and you will loose your shipping. Returns go to different manufacturers, so request an RA# and wait for the right address. Please save your original box just in case you need to send your item back. With most of our products, you can return them within the first 30 days from your order.  Please do not try and make a return past the Return Policy period. It is not fair to us and will only cause you aggravation when your return is refused. We need to be able to return the item to the manufacturer or we will not be refunded. 7 days is enough to decide to return a product. We give you 30 days on most products which is more than adequate.


    You have at least 90 days for a repair or replacement on most items. If you need to return or exchange an item, simply reply back to this Email with your Sales Order still in the Subject and give a brief description of the issue. We will get you a Return Authorization.

    Do not send a return back without a Return Authorization as it may be rejected and you will loose your shipping. Please do not try and return items after the warranty has expired, as most manufactures will send it back to you and you will loose your shipping. Many products have a warranty period longer than 90 days. For those products you can contact the manufacturers directly, but we will also help you as long as the warranty is valid.


    We have a "Shipping Guide", that will help you determine when you will get that product. It has a color UPS Shipping Map to show you how many days, it will be in transit.

    For those not familiar with Tracking numbers, you go to, or and enter the Tracking number sent to you. The numbers starting with 1Z are UPS, the numbers that are all numbers (no letter) are FedEx and the ones that end in US are for the US Post Office. For Trucker Freight, we give you the Trucking company name and Pro number.


    For those who like to leave feedback, we ask that you keep 1 things in mind. Be kind.

Last, a copy of your order follows. Once again, Thank you for shopping at We appreciate you and your business.

3: Tracking Email

Finally TrueChrome sends you an Email with your tracking number, so you can track where your package is and when it is expected to arrive. In general items are sent FedEx, UPS or USPS, but can possibly be sent via freight.

4: We Will Call You

Finally (for Chrome) TrueChrome will give you a call to verify your item is definitely in stock or if in production, let you know how long it will take to ship. We will watch it for you and once shipped, will send you a Tracking number. We will continue to watch it until the delivery service gives the expected date for delivery, then call you again and let you know when to expect delivery.