Shipping Policy

Custom Shipping Additional Charge

What is a Shipping Guide?

A shipping guide is a .PDF document. It helps our customers determine what day they will receive the product and it is located on every detail pages of our products. It contains the City and State where the product will be shipped from, the relative efficiency of the shipper, a UPS shipping map from that city, an example of how to use the UPS shipping map & a copy of "How Long Will My Delivery Take.

How Long Will My Delivery Take?

It is important to understand that there are 2 times that make up the total time for the delivery of your purchase. The first is Product Fulfillment and the second is Product Delivery.

Shipping Refunds: (US ONLY)

In general, we do not refund shipping cost paid with your order. Shipping is equivalent to the cost of driving to and from your local store and you do not ask them to refund your gas, oil and vehicle wear and tear. There are exception, where we will refund you for Ground Shipping ONLY. Under no circumstances will we refund you for convenience shipping (Overnight, 2-day, 3-day, etc.). If you decide to convenience ship (other than ground), you do it at your own risk. Even if the item is faulty or not the correct item, we will only be responsible for Ground shipping.