Privacy Policy

We consider giving personal information to anyone without explicit consent, is a personal betrayal and anything but a good business practice. We will not share any information with anyone.

Collection of Data

TrueChrome and/or its third party service providers may ask you to give us your personal information ranging from your email address, to your phone number, mailing address and zip code, and credit card number. We make sure giving the best service we could without prejudicing the commonly accepted ethics in privacy and confidentiality.

In regards to cookies and tracking, cookies are only needed for online shopping carts and other events that are related. The reason for this is that each time you enter a URL in your browser it is a separate transaction. The web server does not associate it with any other URLs you entered.

Tracking everything a customer does would tell us not only where they came from and what term they used, but also if and what they purchased. Obviously that would be more useful to the website owner because now they not only know how many people came from a particular search engine and searched on a particular term, but they would also know how many of them actually purchased. We only track a URL when it is necessary like keeping your shopping cart until you are through with it, then the cookie is discarded.

In our personal browsing, we block all 3d party cookies and have found that some websites have several different companies all placing cookies on your system, even when you first show up. We feel that is ridiculous and have started to avoid, what we feel are, overly aggressive websites, as we do those who use those obnoxious unrequested pop-ups or hijack our browser in any way, shape, or form. Two tricks in particular that will get a website banded by our firewall are adding an unrequested shortcut or bookmark and changing our home page to their URL.

Changes in Privacy Policy

TrueChrome reserves the right to amend this privacy policy from time to time. We will immediately let you know and the reason why we made the change. As always we appreciate hearing your comments and opinions.